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    Products include: Outdoor wood-burning furnaces, parts and supplies.

    • Article Count: 7 Outdoor Wood Furnaces

      Our complete line of outdoor wood-burning furnaces supplying heat through hot water circulation or forced air.

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      Outdoor wood-burning forced air furnaces.

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      Coal Burning modification for Earth outdoor furnaces.

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      We carry a complete list of installation items for outdoor wood furnace installation and maintenance including: coils, Pex line systems, heat exchangers, valves, fans, thermostats, Pex fittings, blowers, and pumps.

      Please call 417-746-0043 to order. Or visit the EarthOutdoor Products Store to Buy On Line.

    • Article Count: 1 Klear Sky Series

      Earth Outdoor Wood Furnaces introduces Wood Burning Technology for the Future. The Klear Sky Series furnaces; the first to offer an Integrated Emission Control Technology which meets or exceeds the EPA Phase II Qualification for overall furnace efficiency and reduced emissions.

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      Documents regarding Earth Outdoor Wood Furnaces, such as Owner's Manual and Product Warranty information.

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    Information about purchasing: dealers, direct from factory, procedure, financing, shipping, etc.

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The prices listed for wood furnaces, bio-mass furnaces, Klear SkyTM furnaces, storm shelters, accessories, parts and installation materials do not include shipping whether purchased factory direct or through a dealer. Shipping is an additional cost over and above the cost of the furnace, installation, parts and accessories.


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